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      1. Electronic Industry Clean-Room Solutions Medical/Food Industry Clean-room Solutions Laboratory System Solutions

        Service Description

        Providing one-stop services for various stages of enterprise development


        Flow of Service


        Designing Service Contents 


        Construction Service Contents

        Project Management,Construction Management,Design, Purchasing, General Construction Contractor,Purchasing Service, Budget Planning, Bidding Service,Budget Estimation And Cost Control,Schedule Control,Quality Control,File management,Process equipment installation,Process equipment transportation and hook up,power system test, testing,balancing    debugging,starting,staff assistance services plant maintenance and operation management services,EDOC System Management.


        Electronics industry clients:

        SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS (China), FOXCONN, BYD, Haier, Hisense, TCL, Shennan Circuits, LAIBAO HI-TECH, HC SemiTek, Lens Technology, TPK, Yingli, JINYA ELECTRONICS, BBK and other companies of semiconductor, microelectronics, integrated circuit, LCD, LED, touch screen, precision manufacturing, PCB, lithium battery, new energy, new material.